Cyber Essentials (CE / CE+) enables organisations to ensure that security is foundational to their operations. And, by obtaining CE certification, can demonstrate a proactive approach to security compliance, protecting themselves and those they interact with.

As a trusted accredited certification body partnered with IASME, Logiq empower and guide organisations of all sizes and complexity to combat common cyber threats and are assured to support businesses—through a full management approach—attain CE certification when delivered with our DISX secure managed service.

Our goal is to make sure that security is the foundation of all businesses, which is why the DISX platform is compliant with all the CE requirements, out-of-the-box, providing clients with the knowledge that they’re meeting industry standard minimum-security demands.


  • Stronger cyber defences: mitigate the risk of common threats, protecting data and systems.
  • Enhanced reputation: demonstrate your commitment to cyber security, building trust amongst customers and partners.
  • Reduced financial losses: minimise potential damage from cyber-attacks, safeguarding financial stability.
  • Government procurement advantage: meet the cyber security requirements to enter the bidding process for select government contracts.


Cyber Essentials (CE) is a government-backed scheme that arms organisations with the knowledge and tools to defend against the most common cyber threats.

Developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), it guides businesses and charitable organisations through the process of implementing crucial security controls, minimising, and mitigating risks including phishing, ransomware, and unauthorised access such as data breaches.

The scheme offers two levels: Cyber Essentials (CE) and Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+). A self-assessment that evaluates your organisations adherence to five core controls is followed by an assessment conducted by an IASME accredited certification body. After the successful organisations are granted CE certification. Going one step further, Cyber Essentials Plus outlines necessary system-level safeguards and tests the basic level of controls required to meet the standard are implemented, providing an extra layer of security.

DISX Secure Managed Service