Secure Managed Service


DISX Air is a streamlined secure managed service enabling Official tier communications via the MOD RLI.

Primarily designed to meet the requirements of EMS and SCI users and providing accounts for up to 3 users sharing a single physical device, DISX Air ensures the continuation of Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Other Government Department (OGD) communication without requiring integration into day-to-day IT systems.

DISX Air simultaneously enables contractors to quickly pivot to a new system – a system that goes beyond like-for-like – boasting familiarity and ease of use, all backed by our accredited industry expertise and support.


Providing seamless direct connectivity into MOD Secure Services and the r.mil.uk mail domain, DISX Air also offers M365 web apps, internet browsing, printing and major document storage and viewing options as standard, ensuring not only enhanced functionality, but maximum collaborative productivity.

  • Off-the-shelf secure managed service providing collaboration and communications at the OFFICIAL Tier
  • DART accredited and Secure by Design aligned
  • DCPP and Cyber Essentials compliant
  • Email (r.mil.uk and internet)
  • RLI, MODCloud and DEFNet access
  • Microsoft 365 web apps
  • Internet browsing, printing, document Storage, PDF viewer
  • Shared environment
  • Self-service portal and phone support
  • Access methods: Laptop or Cloud Hosted Machine
Microsoft Solutions Partner
ISO 20001

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M365 Office Web Applications
Email (Internet)
Email (including R.MIL)
Access to MODCloud Hosted Services
Access to DEFNet
Internet Browsing
Personal Document Storage
PDF Viewer
USB Import/Export (IMPEX)
M365 Office Desktop Applications
Microsoft Teams
Secure Audio / Video Conference
Backup Service
Custom Domain Names / Email Address
Multi-Team Collaboration Environment
Power Platform and Automation
Data Visualisation and Analytics
Teams Meeting Rooms
Service Customisations
Third-party client applications
Cloud Hosted Applications
Access via Mobile Devices (iOS/Android)

Tailored Implementation

Our specialist Security and Information Assurance experts work with clients to establish current and future business requirements. A tailored service will be designed where appropriate.

Through our agile approach, expertise and understanding of the demands placed upon our clients, Logiq welcome all enquires for bespoke solutions to ensure the capability and suitability for your individual organisational needs.

Get in touch for an initial discovery call with one of our team.

Customer Success Plan

Offering platinum service levels and resolution times across a myriad of preferred support methods, our customer success plan offers extensive professional support with varying levels of consultancy time allocated on an annual basis.