When founded in 2018, Logiq were providing security advice and guidance to the public and private sector. Logiq had key outputs that needed to be delivered securely in accordance with HMG Government Classification Scheme, but without an obvious and easy solution.

Utilising in-house expertise and working closely with the government security authorities, Logiq designed, configured and launched an affordable secure cloud platform (DISX) that met both our business requirement and satisfies government security policy, ultimately achieving an approved solution for collaborating with Government and their partners.



Enabling the sharing of data, working remotely and collaborating in a secure environment. Designed initially for the defence industry, DISX is a unique mobile solution. Delivering a full business productivity suite, it also supports the data transfer of HMG classified information, all within a secure collaborative environment.

All your essential business productivity software on one platform:

  • Messaging
  • Collaborative and remote working
  • Document production
  • Video and telephone conferencing
  • Secure Storage
  • Design tools

Whether you support clients with high security requirements or just want to operate at the highest security level, DISX is your best-in-class security solution. DISX delivers a secure and mobile solution without compromising on usability and user satisfaction.

MOD Secure Communications and Data Collaboration


Secure Virtual Workspace


DISX is an off-the-shelf solution meeting some of the highest security standards out of the box and can be delivered and scaled rapidly to support evolving customer requirements. Where a customer has bespoke functional and security requirements, Logiq can configure DISX accordingly or produce a bespoke solution for clients, ensuring a highly usable and secure platform.

Logiq works closely with clients to understand user needs, including the assessment of Line of Business (LOB) applications that are critical to the user community. Logiq has bespoke solutions to approve, deploy and host LOB applications that enable the processing of sensitive data that has specific handling requirements.

Logiq delivers secure systems efficiently to the highest quality without having to compromise on affordability and functionality.



DISX is delivered as a fully managed secure service, with a dedicated support team delivering first class support to all customer queries and individual users, whilst maintaining the integrity and security of the service.

Through Logiq’s expertise in gaining security approvals with Government departments, security stakeholders and IT departments, Logiq will undertake the approvals process for DISX® customers and manage that on a through-life basis.

Discover more by visiting our dedicated DISX website.

DISX Government MSP


Logiq supported a client that faced a collaboration challenge working across a multidisciplinary team spanning multiple organisations. The client was working with a government client and several other industry partners on a critical fast paced programme, but was unable to work remotely, share documents, email and video conference in line with government security classifications.

Due to the urgent need, Logiq were able to quickly assess these requirements and deliver DISX® to this client within 4-weeks, to meet all functional and security requirements. This solution consisted of dedicated secure endpoints, BYOD access on mobile devices and sharing across existing secure endpoints.

Logiq continued to work with the client to understand their priorities and their evolving requirements and were able to deliver further services and options to them. Some of these changes included providing access to the DISX® services through virtual machines and enabling access to existing client owned corporate services from the DISX® platform. The solution delivered a modern usable solution that enabled seamless collaboration across organisations, whilst addressing the initial and evolving requirements of all stakeholders.

Our client was in need of a collaboration solution to work with other organisations and government, but additionally had an urgent need to improve their ‘on-premise’ corporate IT solution that was due for a technology refresh.

Logiq conducted a discovery activity to establish the organisation’s requirements spanning all business functions. Through this activity and endorsement of the organisations senior management, we were able to design and build a single fully managed service that met all these requirements. The solution included:

  • Managed endpoints
  • BYOD mobiles
  • Secure cloud productivity and collaboration services
  • Print service
  • Service desk support and performance reporting
  • Government security approval
  • Data migration

Within 8 weeks Logiq replaced and delivered a fully managed cloud IT solution whilst meeting all the new secure collaboration requirements. This was delivered rapidly within 8 weeks. Logiq’s solution has enabled the client to reduce costs, increase efficiency, increase their security profile and User satisfaction is at its highest levels.