DISX Air Launched to Streamline MOD Communications




Bristol, UK – 10 October, 2023 – Logiq Consulting, a leading UK information and cyber security consultancy have announced DISX Air, a new variant of their highly successful DISX secure communications platform.

Recognised and certified by major cyber organisations including the NCSC, Logiq have become a true market disrupter, leading the way in developing and delivering secure collaborative environments for the Ministry of Defence, Government and other highly regulated sectors.

Since its launch in 2018, the company’s secure cloud platform, DISX, has quickly established itself as a highly capable, best-in-class system that is both DEFCON 658 compliant and accredited to Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Other Government Department (OGD) standards. Such is the impact of DISX, that it is now relied upon daily by thousands of users throughout MOD, UK Government, and the associated defence supply chain in addition to other cyber security organisations. And though Logiq’s client base has skyrocketed since its formation, the business has not lost its ability to be agile and reactive to both existing and emerging requirements.

With the recent announcement of revisions to defence supply chain requirements under DEFCON 658, countless SME’s, contractors and defence primes will soon find themselves searching for a new solution to continue uninterrupted communication with the MOD and Government via the Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI), the introduction and launch of DISX Air fills this void.

Originally developed by Logiq with a singular goal in mind – to be a like-for-like replacement for a legacy, end-of-life service enabling Official/ Official-Sensitive tier communications, DISX Air not only provides seamless direct connectivity into MOD Secure Services and the r.mil.uk mail domain but is also bolstered by a multitude of other communication methods and productivity tools.

While access to MOD RLI web services such as MODCloud and DEFNet in addition to internet browsing are sure to be welcome features for streamlining communication, the inclusion of major Microsoft 365 web apps will allow users to work flexibly and collaboratively across essential programmes and platforms, all while ensuring the highest levels of security.

Answering the call in the wake of this industry shakeup, DISX Air looks set to enable contractors to quickly adapt and pivot to a new system, a system that goes beyond like-for-like by boasting familiarity and ease of use, backed by Logiq’s accredited industry expertise.

For further details on DISX visit Logiq’s dedicated DISX website: https://disx.co.uk

About Logiq:

Logiq Consulting is a market-leading information and cyber security consultancy focused on ensuring our customers most valuable data is secure. Our clients are amongst the most demanding in the World and have some of the most stringent and complex security needs. We help to design and develop systems that enable them to focus on delivering their business securely.