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As highlighted in a previous blog post, DISX® was created by Logiq Consulting to overcome the challenges of working at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE as a defence supplier. At Logiq we believe that you can build better and more secure systems in the cloud. Therefore, we assessed the market and selected Microsoft 365 as the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to build DISX®.

Whilst ease of use and full productivity was the underlying business requirement of the system, DISX® was developed with security at its core. We knew that by doing this it would enable us to deliver the business benefit we needed, in a secure way that enabled us to work collaboratively with our main clients. DISX® uses a range of native Microsoft 365 features (native with E5 licensing) including, but not limited to:

  • Hard Disk Encryption enabling protection of data at rest.
  • Multi-factor authentication to reduce the likelihood of compromise.
  • Conditional access requiring multiple ‘states’ to be true.
  • Enforced TLS Encryption to assure the confidentiality of emails.
  • Security controls restricting the use of removable media.
  • Logging and auditing of network activity.
  • Secure backups.
  • Use of security labels.

We also added some additional controls from a number of other vendors to create a solution that gave us confidence in the security.

It is with security in mind that DISX® was built securely from the ground up. Its purpose to enable organisations to operate security and protect sensitive information. DISX® has been designed to meet the highest security standards, and is compliant with Cyber Essentials (CE), CE+ and the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) requirements.

Please view the DISX® Fact Sheet and contact Logiq today to see how DISX® can help your organisation meet its security requirements.

Find out more about securing M365

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has identified that there have been a series of targeted cyberattacks against Microsoft 365, which led them to publish an advisory (The Rise of O365 Compromise and Mitigation) and subsequent blog posts to highlight the need to implement the security functions which are inherent to the suite of programs.

Organisations using Microsoft 365 would also benefit from reviewing Microsoft’s own security guidance (Updated Office 365 security and compliance guidance for the UK public sector).

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