Cyber Secure Systems


At Logiq we support clients in their need for software development of cyber secure systems. These solutions may be enterprise level or isolated applications, in a connected, partially connected, or disconnected environment.

We are proficient at the full stack of development of both on-premise and cloud solutions, including web, native applications, and databases.

We are experts in the development of software that operates at scale, using discrete components such as microservices that interoperate to deliver robust and tolerant solutions.



We specialise in architecting solutions for cloud that are both secure and, where necessary, accreditable. These are typically, but not always, at enterprise scale. Our experts work collaboratively with clients to understand their needs and enable them to either move their existing infrastructure to the cloud in a secure and cost effective manner, or to design entirely new solutions that are bespoke to their requirements. Logiq support clients in understanding the security posture of their existing cloud systems and in identifying where security can be improved.

Our experience includes both AWS and Azure as well as hybrid and cross cloud architectural solutions. Where applicable we encourage the use of cloud native technologies in our cloud architecture to take best advantage of the cloud’s ability to scale and provide robust solutions as well as to minimise operational costs.

Secure Cloud Services and Systems


Cyber Secure Systems Development


Logiq utilises experience and expertise in secure cloud technology to bring the benefits of cloud computing to the clients, delivering cyber secure systems.

We are able to reduce dependency on physical infrastructure ownership and maintenance, helping the client to take full advantage of cloud native technologies.

Our solutions focus on cost-effectiveness, reliability, security, scalability, and flexibility, enabling clients to maximise their investment in cloud technologies.


Logiq is leading the enterprise patching project on behalf of a government client to replace their current in-service patching service.

The new solution will provide 600k+ endpoints with effective, timely and assured updates for all their systems, all of the time.

Logiq are providing the full wrap of client-side support, from first principles of understanding the issue and requirements, managing the project, proposing the architecture, and then developing and accrediting the solution.

The project has successfully entered the development phase and is building up the solution to transition to the new enterprise patching service.

Logiq Consulting undertook the security assessment, remediation, assurance testing and rehosting of a business-critical application stack which supports day to day operations of a UK based Company. The original developer of the stack had focused primarily on User functionality and Security had been a secondary consideration through life. We leveraged our unique blend of Security, Risk, Project, and Development specialisms to reinvigorate the application service offering, ensuring it was secure and fit for live operations going forward, and provided sufficient assurance to support critical operations of UK Government Departments.

Logiq Consulting produced and acted upon a comprehensive ‘get well’ roadmap which led to a dramatically increased security posture across the application stack, including:

  • Undertaking an initial security assessment conducted against several benchmark security standards including OWASP and NCSC.
  • Identification of operationally focused socio-technical Security Risks.
  • Remediation actions completed by collaboratively working with a wide set of stakeholders including UK Government and the 3rd party Application Developer involved in the front-end of the application stack.
  • Update of the Security Management Plan in support of the Government Assurance process.
  • Rehosting of remediated application stack into Logiq’s Secure Application Hosting Environment (SAHE).
  • Functional Testing programme ahead of switch over to new service to ensure functionality was not degraded by remediation actions.
  • Provision of security architecture and security risk management support to the Company through the UK Government Risk Assurance process.
  • Full support to the Company through transition of service to new stack.

Post transition the new service is now hosted and managed in Logiq’s SAHE where security is managed through life in a proactive manner. The Company and the UK Government now have full confidence that appropriate actions have been taken and processes implemented to ensure the cyber security risk of a key operational system has minimized as far as possible and will continue to be managed as such throughout the application’s lifecycle.